Learn to troubleshoot Epson Printer Slow-to-Print Problem as not all printers are created equal. Print speed may vary depending on system configuration, print mode and document complexity. Processing time on the computer system is not included in the print speed. The several factors where printing is slow are mentioned below:

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Slow-to-Print Problem

  • Printer driver settings
  • Size of the data being sent to printer
  • Windows spooling error

You can also get in touch with Epson Printer Technical Support for further query or simply follow the steps to troubleshoot the slow-print issue.

Steps to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Slow-to-Print Problem

Step 1: Observe the data cable

Check whether the data cable is less than 1.8 meters in length and is connected directly to computer system. Use of long cable and connecting through third party such as USB hub can cause communication and print delays.

Step2: Paper type

Check that paper type you have selected in the printer driver matches the paper loaded in the printer and selected paper print is also appropriate

Step3: Some general tips

Click on icon shown for general information on how to remedy slow printing

Step4: High Speed enabled

Check for high speed if it is enabled in the printer driver. Depending on the driver the setting may only be available on certain quality and paper selections.

Step5: Enable High Speed

Open the printer driver from printers, printer and faxes or Devices and Printers folder and check whether the high speed is enabled in speed and progress

Step6: Other Settings

Check for other settings as well in speed & progress for better printing speed

Step7: Spool folder

Create new folder of spool on the hard drive and point the driver to it

Step8: Carry a test

Print a test page form general tab of your Epson driver

Step9:  Perform

If printing is still slow try reducing the size of the data sent to printer

You still have doubts to execute the above mentioned steps you can contact via Epson Printer Customer Support Phone Number UK @+44-800-046-5291(toll-free) to receive immediate and instant solution. The trained technicians are present 24*7 to deliver you high speed printing printer machine.