Epson Printer not recognize ink cartridges, a very common error experienced by Epson Printer users. Receiving one such message which can be disturbing, frustrating for you because cartridge not recognized error usually translates into printer not working. In other terms you are not able printing anything until the error is cleared. As your printer is not working with the Ink cartridge cannot be recognized error, don’t worry sometimes the solution to such problems are simple as switching printer off and on again. You may also contact Epson Printer Technical technicians who will help you in resolving your issue.

What actually causes “Ink cartridge cannot be recognized error”?

Steps to Fix Epson Printer Ink Cartridge Cannot Recognize Error

There can be many causes for the occurrence of error some of them include:

  • Cartridge declared empty by printer
  •  Faulty or outdated chip
  • Missing or in correctly installed cartridge
  • Or some hardware fault with printer itself
  • Ink on the chip or printer contacts

Steps to Fix Epson Printer not recognize ink cartridges Errors

Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized error not related to printer driver or an empty cartridge mean that either a cartridge is not clicked properly or chip is dirty, faulty or damaged.

Step1: Remove or install the not recognized ink cartridge

The occurred can simply mean ink is not clicked properly. Non genuine cartridges and particularly CISS cartridge can take a fair amount of force when installing. Close the printer lid and press ink button on printer when finished. If the printer shows a message of charging ink or returns to usual home display which mean error has disappeared.

fix Epson Printer not recognize ink cartridges

Step2: Remove all Ink cartridge and inspect the cartridge chips

If dirty or inky wipe all chips with tissues then polish with dry. Fit cartridge back in printer

Step3: Remove all Ink Cartridge and close the lid and turn printer off.

Power on the printer again and fit only the original not recognized cartridge. Close the printer lid and press the ink button wait while the printer is checking ink cartridge and see if it now recognizes the faulty cartridge. If yes fit all the remaining ink cartridge and close the lid and press the Ink button

Step4: Try with the bundled original cartridge set  

Try installing the already came original cartridge set that came bundled with your Epson Printer and if the error is cleared that indicate other not recognized cartridges or chips may be faulty.

Step5: Remove all Cartridge and inspect the chip contacts

Epson Printers use a series of thin gold plated wire contact that cartridge chip slides and presses against when the cartridge is installed. The contacts can corrode or stick to chip if ever had ink contamination. Wires can sometimes bend and get pulled out with cartridge removal.

Step6: Check for wire links

If all wires contacts appear ok try cleaning them with damp cotton or similar until they are all spotless. It is better and for safety to unplug power cord while you are working on chip contacts.

Epson Printer Support

If none of above steps is sufficient or facing issues to fix Epson Printer not recognize ink cartridges you are welcome to get in touch via Epson Printer Customer Support Number UK @+4-800-046-5291(toll-free). Here you will find trained, qualified, technicians who will assist you online.